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About Us

The Healing Trees, Inc. provides mental health and psycho-educational services in an atmosphere that promotes wellness lifestyles, learning, self-care, and overall health. Our mission is to provide a broad range of counseling, educational services, and other health and wellness services to the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community. These services are intended to engage the physical, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, vocational, and academic needs of individuals, families, community groups, organizations, and businesses.

The Healing Trees Services Goals Include:

Our services include psycho-educational classes, seminars, outreach programs and group and individual counseling. Specifically, our service goals are:

  1. Through Obsidian Therapy Group-To provide insight focused counseling /psychotherapy that focuses on strengths to formulate solutions to the challenges of life.

  2. Through Obsidian Therapy Group-To provide referral for mental health services that exceed our scope of care, as needed or requested by clients

  3. To offer educational seminars and classes that enhance adaptability, coping and effectiveness in everyday life for the community, organizations, and places of worship

  4. To sponsor research/assessment to enhance services, assist with strategic planning and add to the body of literature surrounding BIPOC communities.

  5. To provide training and supervision of interns and post master’s individuals pursuing licensure in mental health.

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