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Peer Recovery Specialist Training Program

The Peer Recovery Specialist Training Program is a paraprofessional training program designed to assist participants in becoming mental health workers that assist mental health professionals. Our program prepares participants to have optimal marketability by holding 2 paraprofessional credentials! – Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS) and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant (CSAC-A)!

What is a Peer Recovery Specialist? 

A Peer Recovery Specialist “PRS” is a self-identified person with lived experience with a mental health condition and/or substance use disorder who is in successful and ongoing recovery from mental health and/or substance use disorders. Peer Support Services and Family Support Partners use their lived experience to support another person’s exploration of recovery-based services that can help them overcome the impact of mental illnesses or substance use disorders.

The CSAC-A will assist Certified Substance Abuse Counselors and other counselors to Counsel and advise individuals with alcohol, tobacco, drug, or other problems, such as gambling and eating disorders. Which may involve working with individuals, families, or groups or engage in prevention programs. The CSAC-A credential is frequently required for employment in drug and alcohol treatment programs and centers.


Does the program cost me anything?

No, the training, and internship do not cost participants any money.  If participants are enrolled in community college classes for the certified substance abuse counselor requirement under G3 funding, attendance at community college should be free.


How do I sign up for the required Peer Recovery Specialist Training? 

Once accepted into our program, we will direct you to an appropriate training.


How can I complete the required hours for internship? 

Our program has identified internship sites in the Richmond metropolitan area where you can complete your hours. Any other sites must be approved by our program prior to beginning the program. The program is designed for participants to complete both a CSAC-A and become a peer recovery specialist. We blend the experiential portion of the program to optimize your required hours of internship to meet requirements for both.


How long is the program?

The program is designed to take 1 year to complete. However, a few participants may complete the program over the course of 2 years on a part time basis.


Is there any compensation for the work we do in the program?


Program participants may receive up to a total of $5000 for successful participation in the program.

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About Us

The Healing Trees, Inc. provides mental health and psycho-educational services in an atmosphere that promotes wellness lifestyles, learning, self-care, and overall health. Our mission is to provide a broad range of counseling, educational services, and other health and wellness services to the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community. 

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